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conducting rehearsal with
the Grand ole Opry orchestra


I learned very quickly that I was not, nor could I ever be the best drummer in Nashville. I've met uber drivers that were a-list touring musicians - that's just the kind of place this is.

In order to get more work I had to put in the time to diversify what I could offer and accept new challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. Moreover, I've found that a multi-faceted musician is much more in demand than one who is only proficient in their instrument. A "lynchpin" is therefore a team member that is invaluable for his/her unique variety of experience and expertise.

Over the years I've held the following roles out of necessity or curiosity:

Tour Manager, Music Director, Songwriter, Backing Vocalist, Keyboardist, Guitarist, Bassist, Merch Manager, FoH Engineer, Monitor Engineer, Producer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer, Studio Tech, Drum Tech, Studio Intern, Backing Track Producer, Session Leader, Driver, Videographer, Graphic Designer, etc...

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