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Ryan Fowler


Love of music has always been a passion the St. Louis native has had to work for - from sneaking into his parents’ closet to steal back a confiscated Green Day CD, to the seemingly endless hours of honing his craft in front of crowds and computer screens. The one thing that has remained a constant is Ryan Fowler’s need to create more. 

In college, the multi-instrumentalist was co-writing, recording, and self-producing an album in between classes and waiting tables. That process became an obsession he has yet to quit. Since moving to Nashville in 2013, Ryan has begun to take the advice of his collegues in the industry by concentrating on his original material and producing others’. 

As a writer, Ryan weaves reflective yet approachable lyrics with catchy melodies, or as he states it: “If I hear a song once and can’t sing anything back, it’s missed what I’m after.”  As an arranger and producer, Ryan creates tracks with a nod to both his past as a music tech geek and career as a touring musician. A favorite example is his use of original electronic loops with his own live drum tracks - an element that most home studios/writing rooms have no access to. 

For years, Ryan has been pulling inspiration from performing around the globe but now, he’d like to give some inspiration back!


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